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"Strengthening relationships one virtue at a time" is our business.  

As Master Facilitators of The Virtues Project™, we offer interactive workshops and training on the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project™.  These strategies are positively transforming the cultures of homes, schools, workplaces, and communities!  

We also offer a Virtues Village line of products and The Virtues Project™ products for the individual, family, educator, and community. 

Virtues Village gives you the tools you need to create a culture of caring and respect for your family, school, workplace, and community.

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The Virtues Project ™ Program Model

is a simple, cost-effective, strengths-based program that provides you with strategies to cultivate respect and responsibility, build resiliency, promote authentic self-esteem and self-confidence, and much more.

If your goals include any of the following:

  • transforming the culture of your organization
  • promoting positive character development
  • improving behavior and minimizing the need to discipline
  • building confidence and self-esteem
  • enhancing communication
  • improving listening skills
  • counteracting bullying behavior
  • resolve conflicts peacefully with restorative justice
  • strengthening relationships and building unity

The Five Strategies of The Virtues Project™ will give you powerful tools that will apply to all areas of your life.

Who should attend a workshop?

Those who want to enhance personal and professional relationships, minimize the potential for community violence, transform the culture of their organization, build character at home, school and in the community; those who want to promote cultural understanding and tolerance, improve leadership skills and foster a safe and caring community; those interested in corporate responsibility; those working in the fields of prevention, intervention and healing...

  • business owners
  • mental health providers
  • human resource personnel
  • employee relations
  • social service providers
  • law enforcement
  • workforce development trainers
  • individuals
  • parents
  • educators
  • coaches
  • trainers
  • youth leaders
  • community leaders
  • mentors
  • volunteers
  • foster parents
  • caregivers
  • childcare providers
  • those interested in becoming facilitators of The Virtues Project


Sponsor a Workshop

Would you like to sponsor a workshop for your school, workplace or community? We will provide a vendor table of virtues products for your event!

Virtues Village also offer customized workshops for retreats and conferences (breakout sessions); individual/group coaching, and onsite facilitator training.  We will provide a vendor table of virtues products for your event!

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Phone: 715-435-3922

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The session that I enjoyed the most while attending the Region V Head Start Association Conference was 'Awakening the Gifts Within.'

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I left with so much more than the knowledge I gained from their workshops, but so much enthusiasm for how to incorporate the Virtues project in everyday relationships, my work place and for organizations I

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