Facilitator Training

For those interested in becoming a facilitator of The Virtues Project, we offer a  Facilitator Training Program..

What does that involve?

  • attending a two day introduction to the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project
  • attending a three day facilitator program

You can do all five days in succession (usually involving a break day after the two day so usually six days) or you can choose to attend a two day, practice what you have learned for a while, and then come back and complete the three day program.

During the three day facilitator program you will:

  • review the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project through interactive exercises
  • learn the art of facilitation and the boundaries for facilitators
  • design and facilitate your own workshop presentation for the audience of your choice

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 2020 SCHEDULE

2020 Schedule to be announced

Fee: $700

(Registration fee includes: CD manual, books, cards, poster, handouts, lunch and refreshments)

For further information or to register:

us above or  715-435-3922

Who Should Attend?

All those interested in creating and supporting a culture of safety, mutual respect, responsibility, caring, personal growth and wellness in their homes, schools, work settings, community organizations and beyond.

You will be qualified to do Virtues Workshops including the 2 day pre-requisite for the Facilitator Training.    Some schools have  paid to train staff as Facilitators so they can do workshops for their schools and parents.

  • business owners
  • supervisors
  • corporate leadership
  • educators
  • administrators
  • social service providers
  • human service providers
  • mental health counselors
  • foster parent trainers
  • volunteer coordinators
  • law enforcement
  • community leaders
  • volunteer coordinators
  • non-profit organizations
  • faith communities
  • arents
On site training is available to those who wish to implement the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project in the work setting. Training can include the Introduction to The Virtues Project workshop, focus on a particular strategy or strategies, developing a strategic plan using virtues for your business...

Let us know if you would like to have a customized workshop or facilitator training for your business or organization.

Coaching sessions to implement the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project are available on an hourly or contract basis.

Consulting is available to those agencies who have attended or sponsored a workshop for their agency and would like further detailed assistance implementing the Five Strategies in their agency. Areas of focus include: Mission and Vision Statements, employee guidelines, disciplinary procedures, strategic planning, etc.

Public workshops and training that we provide are attended by a variety of audiences.

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