Virtues Village Endorsement

I have been through Terry and Valerie?s Virtues Project workshops. I left with so much more than the knowledge I gained from their workshops, but so much enthusiasm for how to incorporate the Virtues project in everyday relationships, my work place and for organizations I volunteer with. I feel that they are very careful to make sure everyone feels comfortable, included, cared for; and that everyone will leave with a solid understanding of the Virtues concepts. Terry and Valerie model very carefully with clear examples of using the virtues project-- even in how they relate to each other and their students! I left so excited about the Virtues knowledge I gained, as well as all the possibilities for using virtues that I was inspired to finish training to become a Virtues facilitator as well! So far, I have taught after school classes in Virtues education, given my religious education students the chance for meaningful virtues discussions-- as they gain awareness of virtues in themselves and each other. As a Children's Assistant at a public library, I acknowledge virtues during preschool story times and school-age program activities, to create a safe, comfortable and positive library environment where all can feel successful. I feel the Virtues Project is a highly empowering allows people to see and share the very best in each other and in themselves!

Holly Cook, Children?s Assistant, Public
Library Platteville, WI

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