Virtues Village Endorsement

To whom this may concern: I became involved with Virtues Project this past winter. It has helped me professionally, personally and as a parent. Some of the teachings of use of language I was already doing with my children as they have been growing up. Learning that an actual program exists has given me more tools to expand what I was already trying to do to build positive language usage in our home. The affirmations have helped me gain more confidence. The validation I feel is immeasurable. I have two sons ages 19 and 16. We as a family do Virtues Picks weekly with our family night. We set aside one night a week for us to keep connected with our busy schedules. My sons have shared the Virtue Cards with their friends. Many of these kids come over to the house, call me mom and then ask where the cards are because they want to pull a card to read. My oldest son plans to use Virtue Project ideas with his summer job at a camp. He applied to be a Resident  Assistant at the college he attends. He wants to use Virtue Picks as an activity with college students. My youngest son brought the idea to his senior patrol leader with his Boy Scout Troop. He hopes that the Virtue Project will enhance and  supplement the moral and character development that Boy Scouts are known for. These ideas could be used for other community activities too. How the Virtues Project has helped me professionally was to help understand the depth to some words we use and misuse. I feel that the Virtues Project work inspired greater understanding in myself and I was able to create a resume' recently that I feel very proud of. Personally, I am involved in the Family Life Committee at my church. I am using the Virtues Project as part of a program. I am telling other churches about it and it seems to be well received. I created a workshop using information form the Educator's Guide and have been teaching it to confirmation classes. The flexibility, adaptability and creative tailoring within the guidelines of the Virtues Project make this universal model limitless. I truly value the Virtues Project.

Ethel C. Quisler MS NCC, Howard?s Gate,
Wausau, WI

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