Virtues Village Endorsement

The session that I enjoyed the most while attending the Region V Head Start Association Conference was 'Awakening the Gifts Within.' It was the very first session that I took part in and it was a great way to start my experience at the conference. It was a very empowering workshop that helped inspire people to look at themselves and others with a new light-the light of practicing virtues. Three ways that I will use the information gained from this workshop are as follows: *By strengthening my inner self as a teacher, a mother, a wife and as an individual to become more centered and believe in myself and my abilities. *By becoming a stronger and more confident person, I will set an example for my students to believe in themselves and have confidence as learners in the classroom and to practice treating others as they wish to be treated. *By looking for the good in others and acknowledging that virtue in others will help to maintain good communication and relationships with whoever I encounter. This will help me to be a better team member within our collaboration and be a supportive and caring person to all my co-workers by acknowledging my virtues and the virtues of others.?

Shonna M. Stachowski, Fergus Falls Head
Start Teacher, Fergus Falls, MN

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