Valerie Hess is a Virtues Project International Association Board Member, Co-Chair of The Virtues Project International Development Fund and a Master Facilitator of The Virtues Project. Valerie  joyfully travels around the country and internationally facilitating workshops, training new facilitators, and provides coaching and consulting for parents, teachers, businesses and organizations.  Spreading The Virtues Project is my journey for the rest of my life.  I came to The Virtues project while  serving as Founder and Executive Director of Brilliant Stars, Inc., a nonprofit agency providing residential group homes for youth.  After launching three successful programs that spanned twenty years, I decided to go in a different direction, one that was more positive and uplifting and could make a much greater impact.  Valerie is the co-owner of Virtues Village LLC, a product and service company.  She brings 30 years of experience working with children and youth as a foster parent, day care provider, and administrator of three adolescent group homes and a transitional living program for youth.

Terry Rahn is the co-founder of Regalos LLC a for-profit organization which provides education, training and materials that promote The Virtues Project and foster family unity.  Terry is a Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project and travels globally conducting workshops and trainings for parents, educators, and business organizations.  She is also a registered nurse at her local community hospital.  Terry’s objective in life is to be of service to the world by sharing and teaching the strategies of The Virtues Project.  Terry has a Master of Arts in Education.

Virtues Village Workshops and Presentation Highlights

Wisconsin Infant Mental Health Institute Pre-Conference Program
National Youth At Risk Conference, Georgia State University CE, Savannah, GA, Presenter
Valley New School, Appleton, WI
UW Stevens Point, Education Psychology classes, Dr. Pat Shaw’s section
Region V Head Start Conference, Minneapolis Minnesota
Wisconsin Head Start Conference, WI Dells, WI
Childcare Conference Association, Sheboygan, WI
Two Day Introductory Workshops, WI (six) open to the public
Three Day educators/ business Facilitator Trainings , WI (two) open to the public
Youth Worker Coalition Conference, Appleton, WI
Brain Development Conference, MN
Regional Headstart Staff Retreat, MN
Regional Headstart Parenting Conference Keynote Speakers/Breakout Sessions, MN
Adventure 212 Fitness & Fitness Center, Stevens Point, WI workshops for parents, members
Sukyo Mahikari Spiritual Center, Detroit, MI Five Day Workshop & Training
Wisconsin Character Education Conference Breakout Sessions, Waukesha, WI
UW-Stevens Point, WI Education Department
Department of Public Instruction, Wausau, WI
DHHS, Foster Care Conference, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
DHHS, Independent Living Conference, Stevens Point WI
Wisconsin Association of Child Youth Care Professionals State Conference, Milwaukee WI
Wisconsin Community Action Program Association
Women In Poverty Conference, Green Bay, WI
DHHS sponsored group homes and transitional living program, Stevens Point, WI
Social and Economic Development Conference, Orlando, Florida
Riverview Hospital Association - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid- Administrators State Convention, Elkhart Lake, WI
Wisconsin Youth Company, Inc, 4th Annual Conference Moral Development Conference - Madison, WI
Conserve School, - Land O'Lakes, WI
Nancy Campbell International School, Ontario Canada
Community Childcare Center, Stevens Point, WI
Virtues Village LLC, Business Training, Ontario, Canada
Kids Company, Seattle, WA
Wee Know School- Hartland, WI
YMCA, Stevens Point, WI
Mead School, afterschool program, Wisconsin Rapids, WI


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